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Plan Your Visit

Check In:  We will make a photocopy of your insurance card and license.

Waiting Time:  Our goal is for our clinic to run on time, however, high demand and daily medical emergencies can result in delays.  Generally a comprehensive eye exam with dilation requires approximately two hours.  If you have urgent time restrictions, please let our staff know upon your arrival.  We have free wifi at both offices so feel free to bring your tablet or computer.

Initial Evaluation by Ophthalmic Technician:  You will be taken to an exam room, where the ophthalmic technician or physician will review your medical history, perform a refraction of your vision, and check your eye pressure. Other tests may be performed based on your primary complaint and past medical history.  Eye drops may be used to dilate your pupils.  Dilation is necessary to completely examine your eyes, especially the retina.

Ophthalmologist’s Exam. When your pupils are fully dilated, your eyes will be thoroughly examined by the doctor.  Depending on the nature of your problem, we may perform additional tests on the day of your initial examination and, in some cases, treatment may be initiated.  Because you will have temporarily blurred vision in bright light after dilation, we strongly recommend that someone drive for you after the examination.  Your pupils and vision will return to normal over the next 24 hours.  The doctor will give you a routing slip with your diagnosis to take to the Check Out. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions about the results of your examination or the treatment recommended by the physician.  Your diagnosis and all possible treatments will be completely explained to you.

Check Out. Our receptionist will review your routing slip and advise you of payment. We file all major insurance claims including Medicare and Medicaid, and accept cash, check, major credit cards and Care Credit. You will be asked to provide payment for co-pays, deductibles and un-insured services, such as the refraction fee and driver’s forms. Please review our financial policy for further details.  We are committed to serving your eye health, so please let us know if we can improve our service in any way.