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Glaucoma leads to a degeneration of the optic nerve which reduces the communication between the eye and the brain resulting in loss of peripheral vision and potentially blindness.

Risk Factors include:

  • Age – You’re at a higher risk of glaucoma if you’re older than age 60.
  • Medical conditions – Several conditions may increase your risk of developing glaucoma, including diabetes, heart diseases, high blood pressure and hypothyroidism.
  • Long-term corticosteroid use
  • Elevated intraocular pressure
  • Ethnic background – African-Americans older than age 40 have much higher risk of developing glaucoma
  • Family history of glaucoma

All of our eye doctors at Eye Care Ltd are trained to diagnose and treat all forms of glaucoma.  Treatment options usually consist of daily eye drops but can also include laser treatment or surgery.  Regular eye exams help to monitor the changes in your eyesight and to determine whether you may develop glaucoma. Once diagnosed, glaucoma can be controlled to help prevent vision loss

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